Copa Chivas 2017 – B01 & B03 Elite

Last month from July 21st to July 29th the Rebels Élite boys team 01 & 03 embarked on an international tournament in Guadalajara Mexico. The boys participated in the Copa Chivas Internacional. Teams from USA,Guatemala, and from all parts of Mexico participated in a week long tournament. The boys were exposed to a different way of playing and experiencing soccer. At every game there were drums,air horns and chants that gave the competition a different feel to what is accustomed in the USA. The competition was very tough with both teams facing academy teams from Mexico such as Atlas and Chivas. The boys played very hard and played at a very high level with the 03 team making it to the quarter finals and losing in Pk’s, while the 01 team came out of their group bracket in first place and eventually losing in semifinals 2-1. Both teams were on the radar of not only their opponents, but also fans and scouts. People would come up to the boys and ask where they were from? Professional scouts for Chivas have several 01 players on their short list. Soccer wise it was a great experience competing against teams from other countries and knowing that they could match up against anyone. While the 2 teams were going down to compete in a soccer tournament they also engaged in community service. Each boy was asked to gather uniform jerseys and cleats that no longer fit them. One of the days the boys met a team from the town of Tlajomulco who plays on dirt field with no cleats and sometimes no shoes. The Rebels teams spent a few hours handing out over 50 pairs of soccer cleats and over 60 jerseys to that team in Tlajomulco. The team in Tlajomulco could not believe what was happening to them. It was great for the Rebels to give back to kids that they had never met in their lives and to be able to appreciate all that they have back home. The local newspaper went to the field to gather interviews from the coach and take pictures of the meeting. The second part of the community service for the 01 & 03 team took place in the Hospital General Numero 1 of Guadalajara. There the teams spent quality time talking and handing out gifts to children whom were terminally ill. Children that had been in the Hospital for long periods of time. This made them thankful for the health that the Rebels teams have. It was a wonderful experience for our boys to give back to children that were in difficult situations to say the least. It was awesome to be able to represent Rebels SC in a foreign country not only by playing great soccer, but also by giving back to children whom were in need. The boys are looking forward to going back next year and bringing back the trophy and also participating in giving back